Services & Prices

1st Treatment

Consultation and Postural Assessment (approx. 90 mins)


2nd Treatment

2nd and subsequent treatments.


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1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th treatments


Other Services

Exercise Rehabilitation

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A course of Galen Myotherapy consists of four treatments in total:

Initial consultation and assessment

3 treatments, a week apart

Veterinary Consent

I require your Vet’s consent before I can treat your dog. This is a legal requirement under The Veterinary Surgery (exemptions) Order 1962 which allows for the treatment of an animal by physiotherapy, but only under the direction, supervision and on the recommendation of the treating veterinarian who has diagnosed the condition.

Any therapist who treats a dog without veterinary consent is working outside the law.

Your vet won’t usually charge for completing the consent form, though they may want you to visit if they haven’t seen your dog recently, in case anything has changed and to ensure it is safe for me to treat them.

Consultation & Treatment 1

I will visit you at home, and carry out a detailed assessment, taking into account:

  • your dog’s Veterinary report
  • your observations and concerns
  • my visual assessment of your dog from photos, video and observation
  • completing a Galen Comfort Scale questionnaire with you
  • hands on palpation

Using the above, I develop a treatment plan for your dog and carry out the first session. I will use Galen Myotherapy techniques including targeted soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release and passive movement.

 The first time I visit I have a lot to learn from both of you, which is why the session takes much longer than any subsequent treatment visits.

I will give you recommendations and suggestions about simple things you can do at home to make it easier for your dog to maintain good muscular balance in their day-to-day life.

After I leave, I will e-mail you to confirm all that we discussed, as it can be quite a lot to take in.

Subsequent treatments

Your dog is likely to be more settled on the second and subsequent visits as they become more comfortable with me.

Before I start these treatments, we will discuss:

  • how your dog reacted to previous session
  • any changes in behaviour that you’ve noticed
  • how your dog is moving today
  • hands on palpation, feeling for any changes from previous session

Please set aside up to an hour for these sessions; they involve a combination of discussion, hands-on treatment and reviewing changes made to their exercise routine and home environment.

A course of Galen Myotherapy usually consists of 4 sessions in total:

  • initial consultation and treatment
  • 3 further treatments a week to 10 days apart depending on your dog.

But treatment is very individual to your dog and what they need.

Your dog should experience considerable improvements during the sessions and my approach means that by the end of the fourth session, sustainable changes will be in place.

After the fourth session, I will send a report to your Vet to describe what treatments have taken place and what improvements your dog has experienced. 

Discounts for Service/Working Dogs

Most pet Insurances provide cover for complementary therapies.

Payment methods: cash, cheque or bank transfer