A Revolutionary Treatment Process

A founding principle of Galen Myotherapy...

…is our specific and unique handling protocol – Positive P.A.C.T®, which stands for Progressive Affective Cycle of Therapy and is based on giving your dog choice.

Positive PACT works with the dog’s thought process, allowing them the comfort of being in their own home and having their owner present, but it also enables choice and control for the dog.

By applying this designed and scientific process to all our treatments, it allows the dog to be relaxed and able to guide their treatment with no forcing or restraining. This methodology facilitates excellent results and buy-in from your dog, enabling me to massage and treat painful areas that can otherwise not be touched or managed.

Unlike some other organisations your dog will be treated on floor level, will not be restrained, and can walk away at any time. I will endeavour to build a relationship of trust, respect, and empathy.

Healing will be enhanced by the positive emotions associated with this treatment protocol.

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