All that Is dog & A little advice

No matter what struggles your dog may have, mental or physical, see them as perfect.

Look with your heart, rather than your eyes.

“We need to see the animals as the beautiful bright lights they really are. This light is the inner essence, not the mortal shell, not their physical, emotional struggles. It’s so easy to forget this, to instead begin to identify them as their problems on the surface.

Remember that underneath the surface, their bright inner light, that is the essence of their being, is already perfect and balanced. If we can see this in them, they will sense it and this will help them remember their inner strength for healing.”

Kathleen Prasad “Everything Animal Reiki”

A few helpful hints

Sleep is vitally important to help the healing & rejuvenating processes that the body goes through. Your dog’s bed should be firm, offering them support. It should be easy to get in & out of, free from draughts, have a pillow/cushion to support the head/neck if they want to, & the bed should be big enough for them to stretch out.

Imagine trying to walk on an ice rink with socks on. This is how difficult it is for your dog to maintain their stability on wooden or tiled floors. These can lead to, or exacerbate, long term, painful musculoskeletal issues.


Check your dog’s weight using the Body Condition Score. Not only do studies show that a lean dog lives longer, but they will have a better quality of life.