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Enhancing and Improving The Lives of Dogs

For the treatment of dogs with chronic muscular pain using postural and environmental assessments, massage techniques and rehabilitative management to enhance mobility and improve their health.

Welcome to Curley Canine Therapy


My name is Carole Curley

I use Galen Myotherapy, a type of massage aimed at prevention,

management and treatment of movement and associated disorders.


This is a “choice-led” treatment for your dog. They will never be restrained and can choose to walk away. The treatment physically manipulates the surrounding tissues which creates a positive bio/neurochemical and physiological change, thus improving the integrity of the tissue.

For the treatment to have a successful transformational change physical and emotional changes to the dog’s perception must occur. The way I will handle your dog will positively influence mood and emotions. Creating a safe environment and a positive relationship.

The effects are Direct – using the skin as a conduit for hands-on manual application and Reflexive through the neurological and hormonal effects.

I cover Battle, Bexhill-on-Sea, Beckley, Bodiam,Brede, Catsfield, Crowhurst, Eastbourne, Fairlight, Guestling, Hastings, Hawkhurst, Hooe, Northiam, Peasmarsh, Robertsbridge, Rye, Sedlescombe, St Leonards On Sea,  Westfield and Winchelsea, Other areas considered on request.

Which Dogs Benefit From Myotherapy?

Rescue Dogs

Most often you will not have access to the dog’s history and can only guess why they do what they do, or do not like certain things.

Do you recognize any of these behaviours?

Elderly Dogs

It is hard to watch your dog getting older, particularly when they cannot do the things they used to love.

Do you see any of the following changes in your dog?

Overweight Dogs

It is difficult to say no to extra treats and food from your own plate when looking at their beseeching eyes. But being overweight can lead to some unpleasant diseases:

Can you feel your dog’s ribcage? Does he / she: • Waddle • Struggle up steps • Have no waist • Have a big neck • Seem lethargic • Pant heavily after exercise

Massage can ease discomfort and pain. It can reduce soreness and stiffness. It can improve circulation and soften tight muscles.

Working Dogs

Depending on whether your dog works as a Guide dog, a Police dog, Search & Rescue, a PAT dog or competes in sports such as Agility or Flyball it can be prone to repetitive strains from doing the same movements and / or myofascial issues or injuries.

You may notice:

NB: Reduced rates available for working/Service dogs

This is by no means an exhaustive list and other examples are dogs suffering from disease or degenerative conditions, disabled dogs, and those recovering from surgery.